Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Tomorrow :)

Early signs....

Destined to be:

the BOSS


Monday, March 30, 2009


Stuff I use at the moment:

Softclear Contact Lenses in clear and grey (soon getting: green-olive); -2.75 grade
from my ophthalmologist in Cebu
(I'm a -3.00 but the rule for contacts is that you go a step down cos they're directly placed on your eyes, unlike spectacles.)

Yay, I got a tan! :D

Frames from PeopleRPeople
(I'm looking for bigger frames)

DiorShow Blackout mascara
(I use the dried up tube for my brows)
So far the best mascara. Next comes Chanel but it dries up quickly.

Shu Uemura eyelash curler
Maybelline Unstoppable natural brow liner in Black (for some reason still looks brown in pictures. sad.)
MAC Powerpoint eyeliner in Buried Treasure
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW25

Punta Fuego- 1

Miles behind the camera (outtakes)

Beautiful place.

One day in this place sure ain't enough...
Postin more pics soon.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy shutterbug :D

Me likes the replacement gear :D

**Yes, my hair was still wet. Issa even took a shower after me, yet mine takes a loooonger time to dry up. Read my previous post: my hair tries too hard to be badass.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


It would normally take an hour to curl my hair (stubborn, voluminous and badass), but Melville did some form of hocus pocus and took only 30 minutes to do it.


They discovered my secret-I NEVER comb my hair. How? They found a little tangleball at the back while trying to make partitions before curling my hair. It took quite some time for them to comb through it, laughin along the way. I am such a boy (although I think guys are more OC about their hair nowadays), I have to learn to be a bit prissy!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Makes me want to have a cute liddol doggie

doggie photos: http://bloomintails.multiply.com/

me: (lookin through cute liddol doggie pictures of my friend's site) "Awwww makes me wish I had a doggie"

Issa: "Aww me have no doggie. And you do have one. I mean, TWO."

me: "No, I mean I want a CUTE one."

I am so cruel.
Whatever happened to my 2 Pit Bull Terriers, Arf and Woof?


They're TOO BIG for me to handle now. All they ever do is run around, eat, jump on you when they see you and ruin the plants in our compound. I never get to play with them anymore. I'm never at home. But yeah, I come home and never fail to notice them cos.... they're staaaanky. LOL.

I've always wanted a cute little dog to take around in places like Serendra or Rockwell. Saw a cute teacup Pomeranian puppy once at Tiendesitas worth Php 22,000 and I'll never forget about that adorable thing. I reallyy want to get one in the future. That or the sugar glider. Or an iguana- Soooo emo.

TOMORROW, y'all should stop by this private sale. Won't be able to since we have a shoot in the south. Please check out my friend Isabelle Dee's booth for Bloomintails (they're just startin out). SPREAD THE WORD!

And oh, I wasn't able to buy my lens today. Our shoot with Martin ended late, went home and dad said the stores at Hidalgo would be closing already. Tomorrow will be a loooong day for me. Gotta be up early to go to Quiapo and then I'm headed to the shoot(s). This should be interesting.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I will always love black.

And these pictures.

Did I mention Vito used my camera for this shoot? Ahhh my lens :(

And lookie what I discovered, more damage from "the fall":

crack :(

This is what I've been using ever since I purchased my Nikon D80 (freshman year). It belonged to my grandpa- actually an SLR flash. Worked well so I never bought a speedlight. I guess I'll have to get one now.

I'm okay now.

So eventually, I had to tell dad about my lens. He didn't get mad or anything. Wow. He agreed to go with me to Hidalgo tomorrow after a shoot to get a replacement at Henry's!

Hello dad, you're so rad. =))
(those are the frames I've been lookin for, boo.)

Oh, I was canvassing for the 18-200mm I wanted this morning:

  • Henry's (Quiapo)- P 30,500 (negotiable)
  • DP Makati- P39,500
  • Columbia (Cubao)- P 46,000+
The closer the store the store is to me, the more expensive it gets! Cuhraazy.

I'm dropping by Columbia tomorrow morning to ask if they can repair my poor old 18-135mm. I'm sure they're chargin me $$$ for it since I ain't got no warranty. Boo hoo.

Thanks dad for bein cool about it! Yippee yay.



Mummy had that rockstar hair thing goin on.

Do we really look alike? I have a small smile, and she's chinkier than I am.

creep since birth

I was the quiet, loner kid with imaginary friends.

Mum signed me up for TONS of speech, acting and personality development workshops (which I loathed) aside from piano, swimming and art lessons (i enjoyed those).

I guess she was scared her first daughter was going to be a boring nerd whose future involved a cubicle in some office.

What a creep! I never smiled for pics.

Hmm I like those shoes, they remind me of bullets! I wonder if mum still has them. . .