Thursday, March 26, 2009

the evil sister

When we were young, my sister was the charming, pretty child who was secretly evil. Here's a list of what you could expect from her:

  • dancing in front of everyone during parties (she had sick dance moves, really attention-grabbing & we thought she'd grow up to be a performer.)
  • always smiling for the camera
  • always trying to be cute for family friends
  • posing A LOT
  • fooling everyone with her big smiling eyes
  • dressing up in cute dresses which she carried so well compared to me

  • biting me
  • getting me into trouble (mum would punish us both even if it was her fault, I was the quiet one so I never spoke up)
  • eating the salt off the floor when mum punished us by letting us kneel on salt (i guess we did something reallyyyy bad)
  • killing frogs

and of course, NAUGHTY:
  • locking me in the closet of this old cabin with a cockroach inside
  • poking our nanny in the eye with a pencil
  • poking my cousin's back with a sharp pencil
  • biting me every now and then on my arm and back
  • slapping me all the time
  • she gave our nanny TONS of scratches on her arms and back
  • I shall update this list cos I totally forgot about the other evil things she used to do.

Hey at least she doesn't do all those naughty things now! It's a totally different situation. but fine, I'll save Riz from the embarrassment.

I love my sister.

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