Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm okay now.

So eventually, I had to tell dad about my lens. He didn't get mad or anything. Wow. He agreed to go with me to Hidalgo tomorrow after a shoot to get a replacement at Henry's!

Hello dad, you're so rad. =))
(those are the frames I've been lookin for, boo.)

Oh, I was canvassing for the 18-200mm I wanted this morning:

  • Henry's (Quiapo)- P 30,500 (negotiable)
  • DP Makati- P39,500
  • Columbia (Cubao)- P 46,000+
The closer the store the store is to me, the more expensive it gets! Cuhraazy.

I'm dropping by Columbia tomorrow morning to ask if they can repair my poor old 18-135mm. I'm sure they're chargin me $$$ for it since I ain't got no warranty. Boo hoo.

Thanks dad for bein cool about it! Yippee yay.


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