Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ladies who lunch and munch


Had lunch with Lalaine and Toni and kept goin in different shops to shield ourselves from the rain (sunny-rainy-sunny-rainy again and again). Had dessert right after. Riz arrived and just had to get some cupcakes with her as well. 

Fun day with the girliesz! Days like this make me forget about the sucky quarterm system our school's following (meaning: no summer vaca or term breaks). 

Lovin the :
Red Velvet cupcake from Sonja's 
((Wish California Pizza Kitchen still had their Red Velvet cheesecake))
the Fantasia & [sugar-free, egg-free] chocolate cake from Miss Desserts

Miss Desserts
Cupcakes by Sonja
Fully Booked 
(Serendra, Bonifacio High Street)


elle said...

omg those cupcakes look so scrumptious! and those pastel colours look really cute! haha

Raleene said...

yea makes u wanna eat more and more! lol which is bad. :x