Sunday, April 5, 2009

Paging the toothfairy

I'm making it a small photo to save some of the queasy ones :p
Click on it if you wanna see the twisted roots and bone remnants! Don't say I didn't warn you. :))

So basically they sliced open my gums, yanked out 2 (out of 4) impacted, embedded wisdom teeth (plus some bone covering the teeth) and stitched up my gumline. Some people thought I was just getting some molars pulled out, but no. These babies weren't exposed yet. (The other two will be taken out some other time. Ugh, not again.)

After my operation I went to Chong Hua Hospital and got vaccinated. I looked like a groggy hobo walkin in zigzags (I had a beanie on and pulled my hair in front to cover my cheeks).

Rizza scheduled a despedida sleepover that night so I had to face a lot of her friends.

Her guy friends had already left.

AND THEN some of my high school batchmates decided to show up at around 10:30 PM? HAHA

They really just wanted a photo with Joseph's car. Pshh.

Pretty fun even if I felt so numb and drugged the whole time I kept talkin to everyone. LOL.

I'm under 4 types of meds, can't exercise for a week (stitches might come out and that's a more complicated situation), and I can't eat solids as well. I'm living off sorbet/sherbet, soy milk and vitamins. My left cheek's pretty puffy but everyone else is tellin me I'm just paranoid.

I'm off to Manila again tomorrow with the family.

Nice. Gotta find my beanie.

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