Saturday, April 4, 2009

the price of being late

I was scared I had to rebook my Cebu flight since I arrived at the airport at around 2:15 for my 3 PM flight.

It was so chaotic, no signs and people lining up for different provincial flights were mixed up behind check-in counters, but luckily I was able to cut through the long lines by pretending that I wasn't informed about having to line up with all of them (sorry).

Took me forever to get through the check-in counter since they overbooked the flight and there weren't any more seats. I was so scared I wasn't gonna make it to the graduation so I just... kept chewing more gum. Haha!

But yeah, I made it to the 3pm flight which was delayed for 45 minutes since lots of passengers were late. I say the long lines were to blame!

And oh, they bumped me up to business class! 2nd floor! Woot!

I love it when I travel alone since they always upgrade me. It pays to look like a helpless young girl in a crowded flight. LOL.

But what is the point in traveling business class when they serve you THIS:


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