Friday, April 17, 2009

Q&A (about my "Steppin into the Dark Side" photos)

There were a couple of people who asked & e-mailed me about my makeup for the "Steppin into the Dark Side" shoot, as well as the post-processing I did for it.


Issa used my Nikon D80 with a Nikkor VR 18-200mm lens plus an SB 900 external flash.
(No other lighting equipment! Just positioned the flash well and made the light bounce off her white walls)

The B&W post-processing was pretty simple. I was just playing around with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and noticed that the makeup looked waaay better in B&W.

  • 1st layer: Black and white
  • 2nd layer: Duplicate the B&W layer and INVERT the colors (Ctrl + I )
  • Erase some parts (used a soft brush) of the 2nd layer to reveal the 1st or original layer (obviously I revealed my face to show the makeup)

That's all! Pretty simple, eh?



Used a MAC palette Izabelli had. The label behind it faded already and she can't remember the name of the collection it was from. It had 6 different eyeshadows (silver, brown, black, cream, forgot the two. LOL) and the compact was gold.
MAC Powerpoint eyeliner in Buried Treasure
DiorShow mascara in Black
Maybelline Unstoppable eyebrow pencil

Iza's Guerlain bronzer

MAC Mineralize SatinFinish SPF15 Foundation
(Other people hate MAC Foundations cos they're too thick and can get really ugly after sweating cos of our weather in the Philippines, but the SatinFinish is a lighter version and provides just the right amount of coverage. It's not the lightest foundation I've tried but it's pretty good for special events. I don't usually wear foundation cos of the weather. Gonna try out a tinted moisturizer soon to see if it's better than foundation. I still think your skin should be seen & be able to breathe on normal days.)

MAC concealer :)

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