Thursday, April 2, 2009

Someone's movin in!

My sister is graduatin tomorrow! My flight's scheduled an hour before the ceremony, I hope I can arrive at the venue before she goes up to receive her awards: Honors plus the [well-deserved] performing arts award! Wooh I see a trend in the family ;)

Smarty pants: she passed all the entrance exams (UP, DLSU, ADMU, CSB). Congratulations! Okay, you're NOT adopted. We're really sisters. HA HA

She's still waitin for the results on her Benilde [Music Production] exam. She only missed one note in the practical test, the examiners were floored (the test this year seems to be a lot harder). She even knew her error and said it was cos she couldn't make out the final chord they gave her. I mean cmon, she plays the violin, guitar and piano, makes her own music and even wrote an entire musical (which won best musical score) so what would you expect?

I have to apologize for sorta bein such a dictator towards her, though. I just think she can do so much with her intelligence (but I'm not saying music prod doesn't require intelligence! lol aside from that it takes alotta talent and luck!). Riz, you can always take up music after college. You're already SOOO good at it. Let's just hope you get the scholarship with stipend so mum, dad and I will stop bugging you.

I just hope her music won't go through my bedroom walls as much as it did back in Cebu. Lol. She'll be moving in my blue room (used to be my study room). Hope we can make more music together and make money out of it! *Pokes Za

Ain't she so beautiful? I hate her for gettin the nice nose, big smile, nice face shape, almond eyes and arched brows!
OK I am officially jealous of her facial features hahaha. But hey you gotta enhance what you've got ;)

I still remember those days when we used to fight a lot. I'm sure sisters all over go through the same thing. You know, the biting, punching, bruising, hair-grabbing- those little fights over little things.

Or in our case, big fights cos we're BIG things. HAHA! *pinch *poke *lipo. lmao.

This post won't be complete without that linkydink to her muzikk page.

See y'all in Cebu!

**Wish me luck, I'm havin 2 wisdom teeth extracted over the weekend! YOUCHHHH.

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