Saturday, May 2, 2009

Symbol of life

While shopping for some sterling silver last Thursday, my sister and I initially wanted to buy some cross pendants since mum was insisting to pay for us. 

But my blonde self (who usually surfaces after school out of exhaustion from information overload) got the Ankh instead of the common crucifix since I thought it was the same thing plus it looked more "me". 

After remembering that it was actually the Egyptian symbol for "eternal life," I Wikied it and after some reading found that it was also used nowadays by Hippie and Goth subcultures. 

How odd, I think I've been called out as those stereotypes more than once in my life. 

So far I'm likin this symbol, as it also means "Cross of Life" for Christians. 
I'm thinkin it's a good design for the white tattoo I've been dying to get... Even Erykah Badu has an ankh tattoo!

(cool branded/embossed look of the white tattoo)


stylistress said...

Hello! I stumbled upon your profile on lookbook, and you have exceptional style. I also see that you are from Cebu; I'll be travelling there this month. And was wondering if you could give me some recommedations on where to stay and best beach. Thx!


Raleene said...

heyy thanks! well the best hotel in Cebu would def. be the Shangri-La Mactan which is 30 minutes away from the City. They have the best beach and spa! But if you want to stay closer to the city, the Waterfront Hotel and the Marco Polo are really good as well :)

joebranzuela said...

ral what you wore that day was.. gothic. plus the cross. i mean woah. i love crosses, but they made you look extra gothic.. i mean, i cant really imagine you feeling anything that made you want to wear such (seemingly-gothic-to-me) outfit, coz im used to you feeling lite/happy. i miss you btw ral!

Raleene said...

hey joe! most of the time i'm dressed in black, it's a phase im going through. lol. black is always classy that's why i like it and it doesnt attract as much attention. plus people think im a goth in school mostly cos im quiet, im always in black and to add to that my car/things are all black. haha! but that doesn't mean goths aren't happy! :p i miss you, too! WHERE ARE YOU?!??!

Anonymous said...

hey! how did u get that tatoo?? or were u really branded? that looks really cool lol

Raleene said...

anon- it's a white tattoo, the effect looks like you've been branded/scarred. i want one!

stylistress said...

thank you!

joebranzuela said...

they think ur gothic for real? joke of the year! and yeah ral, you know, even if you wear a sack in black (lol) youre still gonna get some attention! (decent and indecent ones..omg) just got back from cebu yesterday! im meeting up with steven tonight you better go else ill haunt you at cubao (i dont knw where you live still dont worry) lol