Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Wasn't able to take a decent photo today (or this week) since I was being rattled by schoolwork and recorded a couple of songs plus a video with Rizza. Really tough making a CD when mistakes are followed by big laughs and drinking water + laughter causes you to [almost] damage some equipment. 

Kate Moss for TS draped top + thrifted DKNY [men's] denim jacket

Went to school in this, sans the messy hair (effect of putting my hair in the worst bun, lasts about 1 hour without product). Just what I want my everyday hair to be, sadly my locks won't cooperate since I refuse to spend more than 10 seconds to fixing it. 

And THAT TOP- I love it, but you see- it obviously has too many "peek-a-boos" at the wrong places (front, sides and back) so I just had to cover up with my fave denim jacket before goin to school. I needed something breezy (but not too breezy). Plus I didn't want the stares and gasps from people of course...

*Interesting-- you're in your own country but you can never avoid the stares and head-to-toe looks from people.-- just a thought from a conversation I had with a classmate a while ago (she's a Flip but she's not from here so she has that american accent + nice gams, totally gets them staring.) 

What's comin up for me?
PLATES, PLATES, PLATES (not dishes but design homework lol) 

But something interesting is comin up, hopefully things will turn out well and He will help us survive this + help it make a success. 

And oh, a part of me wants to go to Shibuya sometime next year just to check out Womb. Hmm. 


Unknown said...

raleeney: hahahaits been 4 hours since i got home and i havent touched me notes:| any luck on ur side?

Raleene said...

i just woke up! took a loooong nap. lol. we are such good students :))