Saturday, May 9, 2009

Make me sweat in water.

I'm just talkin about the weather.
You can't really figure out what to wear early in the morning since the skies lead you to think that it's gonna be a gloomy day.

ALWAYS WRONG. Ack. Why can't I just listen to the weatherman each night? Just 5 seconds gazing on the telly won't hurt, I think. Just to save myself from walkin around in boots when the sun starts stabbin me in the back later during the day. 

Okay I shouldn't be complainin about the weather.
It's pretty cool-- requires you to change your outfit a couple of times during the day. Ain't that fun? :))
Half of the day you're in summery clothes and then you get to tweak it a bit later in the afternoon to suit the rainy weather: boots, coat, umbrelly, check! 

Purchasing a new pair of classic aviators has forced me to let go of my two Ray Bans:



Both in mint condish, less than a year old. Case + cleaning cloth included. 
Originally purchased from the States. 

Send me an e-mail if you're interested ;) 


❤ Mrs. Mats (✿◠‿◠) said...

aside from watching the weather man, you can easily check the weather through internet tho.

Raleene said...

yea or glance at the daily paper or check through the iPod touch. Haha! I guess I like surprises better, gloomy days make me happy instantly :)

Anonymous said...


please make an eyebrow grooming lesson and/or everyday make up lesson on your next post.

i love your skin! what do you use? like moisturizer/facial wash etc.


Raleene said...

i use everything from the Proactiv 3-step system :) + their moisturizer.

nasia said...

hey! how much are the ray-ban aviators? thanks! :) my e-mail ad is :)

Anonymous said...

where can I buy Proactiv 3-step system? :)

Raleene said...

Watson's or u can check

Anonymous said...

you should put a question box

amberr said...

Yes! an eyebrow/makeup post pretty please! You're so ~flawless~, I'm crazy curious if you wear foundation or not because your skin is perfect!

Raleene said...

anon- hmm maybe

amberr- i might do a post on that. foundation, not a big fan of it. i only put foundation on for big events like debuts or formal parties. skin aint perfect, though. i still break out sometimes. but thanks :)

Anonymous said...

i want want your shades! :D

you can email me hurr

thank you!

GracY said...

Hey are you still selling the first rayban glasses?

Raleene said...

Nope, not anymore, sorry!