Friday, May 1, 2009

Makeup review: MaxFactor's Masterpiece Glide & Define liquid eyeliner

[source: Amazon]

MF's Glide&Define is being sold at Php 550.00 or $11.40

They ran out of black so I opted for SMOKE which is like a dark slate/blue-grey tone. 

I like it cos the color is more subtle compared to black which usually makes me look more... evil.

The felt tip glides on really smoothly, application is easy and it's small/handy (3" only) so it's not hard to work with. The liquid has strong pigments so you don't have to keep piling it on to create a stronger colour. 

I'm only worried about the staying power and how long one tube will last (since it's small). The sales associate warned me about the cover as well- I have to screw it on tightly cos it dries out easily. 

So far this lands on the 2nd spot of my liquid liners list. The first spot still belongs to Shiseido's Fine Eyeliner:

Refillable, HEAVY strong pigments, really smooth glide and easier to draw fine lines with. 
$28 at Sephora, refills are for $14. 

And the third spot belongs to the Face Shop's Simple Draw liquid eye liner. 
($10.40 or Php 500+)

The quality of the ink's great and the pen is easy to grip, but the problem with this one is that one pen lasts only a week if you use it everyday. SAD.  


Anonymous said...

Ral, what's the color of your contacts? I need to change mine na and I'm loving yours. :)


Raleene said...

My contacts are grey. They're 3-toned contacts from Freshlook :)

Anonymous said...

what do you use for your skin?! it's FLAWLESS!!!

Raleene said...

anon- the proactiv system. i still suffer from breakouts though. if i'm super stressed or if it's that time of the month. lol :)