Monday, May 25, 2009

Manila architectural walk-through

Cultural Center of the Philippines
streets of Intramuros

Baclaran Church

Manila Cathedral

ye old Metropolitan Theater

I can see Makati.

Supreme Court

City Hall

We actually have to take photos of 30 different buildings around Manila and associate their structural components to the different periods in Architectural history. 

The weather  almost killed us, but thankfully we didn't have to commute. Not quite done with our list! Fifteen periods, two structures for each. 

Obviously the main reason why our professor's assigning this project to his HAA students every term is so that we're able to discover our own city. A lot of us have been in this city/country since forever but haven't really taken time to look into those buildings-- they just seem to disappear amidst the surroundings whenever pass by them on our way to school. If you look closely, the architecture's almost always impressive and you can sense the influence that a lot of nations have passed on to us during their their occupation/colonization. 

A big mash-up of things around the city but I think that's what we have to appreciate. I just wished we had the money to maintain these places. Not really fond of the idea of the whole place becoming a modern, concrete jungle in the future. It's nice to see something else whenever you go back home. 


Anonymous said...

i love this,haven't gone to manila for 10 years now,thanks for this post..nice captures by the way:)

Raleene said...

anon- thanks, glad u liked em!

The Frocker said...

Wow, Manila is beautiful! I'm going to ask my friends to take better pictures next time they go visit family there. :P

Raleene said...

yup, Manila has its secret places :) beautiful places.