Friday, May 15, 2009


Not quite done with my study room. 
Collecting random frames here and there (thanks to those who gave me frames and paintings for my 19th!) and planning on digging up a nice vint/antique mirror to put on the blank wall... 

(Oooopsies. Sorry for the clutter!) 

AND I'm getting a daybed pretty soon to make this a chillout/recording room for me, my sister and some friends...

Photos of  walls to take inspiration from...

Wow I think I'm loving the idea of white wood planks on the floor... Perhaps for the next room project--guest room? Hmmmm... 

The adjacent wall will also have some shelf installations pretty soon.
Designing it to be a mobile shelf so I can still use the brick pattern for some photos :) 

I'm on the hunt for a nice overhead lamp like the one on this photo. I'm sensing that a very industrial lamp like this one will work really well with the color scheme in my study room. 

Other scans are from AtlantisHome

Can't wait to complete the walls so I can finally organise my things and spend my lazy Sundays lying on the daybed, watching my Torrented old movies. 



Kyle Saijo Kaamiño said...

Nice concept out there!!! You're somewhat in zen and modern design huh?! btw, try to go to this site : Ikea!!! they've got a lot of things that can help you to figure out on how to design a/your room. I heard your taking interior designing which is absolutely wonderful!!! :D explore the site!!! I also take a lot of ideas from them. Sadly, there's no ikea in Phil, but you can have or make some custom made products, right?! Actually there is a show in abs-cbn (i don't know if your familiar) that tackles about interior and exterior designing which they also introduce the most top interior designers in the country. I don't know what time they air the show, but I guess they usually air it during wee time in weekends. I watch that show every now and then if I have time in my tfc online. lol. here's the site :

Urban Zone is the title. Hope this would help you! Gudluck!!! :D

Raleene said...

Ikea has showrooms in the Philippines now :) but there's an issue regarding the materials they use. Some contain carcinogenic substances that's why they turn out cheap (aside from the reasons they give customers, such as the DIY factors cutting down labor costs, etc.) I've seen Urban Zone a couple of times! Don't know if they're still running, though :)