Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scans from Preview's ART edition

Awesome cover, with fellow Benildean Jaimie Diago rockin it!

I love this Frida Kahlo-inspired diptych.

Cool tattoo. I also find the pinks on her soles schmexy.

Ellen's talent completes this photo!

These photos I LOVE.

More scans comin soon.


Anonymous said...

how much did you bought for the book?

Raleene said...

It's Php 1000 :)

joebranzuela said...

lol ellen's tongue. the last two pictures, wow. reminded me of your dream though, where your grandma(?)in a black outfit w/ a veil chased you like crazy? those pictures are nostalgic, there's something that really draws you in. makes you wanna be in that place at that time with those creepy looking girls.