Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is the voice that keeps you awake.

Top- Zara
Skirt- TS
Shoes- Aldo
earrings- Issa's

Really wanted to buy these babies online 3 months ago but decided to wait for them to reach the local branches. They came in one season late, but I think twas worth the wait. They look killer in person and even better under halogen/yellow lights.

My weapon of choice, most definitely. 

*note for mum:
Now you see the contents of that blue bag I was hiding from everyone. Sorry! Fell in love with them, they were talking to me, really! (shoes: "Buy meeee, buy meee! Be my mommy!)

Thanks to those who took time to e-mail me to tell me that my dumpsite blog's inspiring! I'm always happy to answer all of your questions, especially about Manila. I do try to balance out everything I post, won't deny that our country's still developing. But I assure you, it has its beautiful secrets as well. 



j e j e said...

I really love your shoes Ral! Ugh. I also want one :(

Jariss said...

Me loves it to bits. Black is definitely THE color! God is unfair momentssss. :))

your blog follower :P said...

i saw your site from your flickr account. :)

i like your style and i love that you integrate different stuff in here-- from fashion to food to archi and interior design. :)

kulululu said...

that shoes!!!hot hot hot

Anonymous said...

"nice choice ral...nice choice..."
-feet whispering-
those are some happy feet:)

Raleene said...

jeje: get a pair! :) Aldo!

jariss: haha hey i miss you! my sis keeps seein u in starbucks :)

blogfollower: thanks for noticing, i don't wanna focus too much on fashion. i don't intend to make my site a fashion blog anyways :)

sweet things: thanks!

anon: lol you're funnehh