Wednesday, May 13, 2009

to fringe or not to fringe

I like their bangs...

Karen O


Krysten Ritter

Kate Moss

Camilla Belle
(Okay I think this one will only make me look.... like a stripling. Ha, ha! and I don't really wanna cover my brows too much.)

Just bored with my hair again. The scissors are just an arm's length away. Decisions, decisions. 


Jose Farrugia said...

Nice blog you got there ;) You might tone down on the image size or the number of images as it tends to slow down the loading time especially those on slow connections.

Oh and check out my blog too ;)

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I like Camilla Belle's. I've been thinking (for the longest time) of getting a full blunt bangs as well. But my face is heart-shape and I'm not sure it would frame my face well. Hehe. :)

We're on the same dilemma. lol


Mia said...

we have the same problem!! i think i'd look a lot older when i have bangs, though.

The Escape Artist said...

Hi, Raleene :)

I've always wanted to get bangs like that, but I'm completely terrified! Wanna go get them together? I'm not sure though. I still think I'm chickenshit. Hahaha


Raleene said...

jose farrugia- yeah i thought about that before. i can resize my photos but I don't think I can post less of them since my site's more of a photo blog, i think :) thanks!

kutch- bangs usually look cuter on heart-shaped faces than square-shaped ones (mine). go for it!

mia- usually they'd make u look younger.

inez- im lookin at my freshman year pics and I don't think I'd want a straight-cut fringe now. Lol. I should just ask a stylist, I'll go with you when you decide to get yours cut!

Mia said...

i just cut my own bangs yesterday. and not a hint of regret here. :) all i did was watch some diy tutorials in youtube. it's pretty easy. :)

Raleene said...

mia- i used to cut my own bangs, too. I never trust the people in beauty shops cos they don't really know which side you're comfortable with when u flip it plus they cut it when your hair's just been styled, so when you shower the shape's uglier. Youtube's awesome for everything DIY :)