Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boys in the girls' room, girls in the men's room.

The daybed arrived in time for my usual lazy Sunday routine- watched an old flick (The Belly of an Architect) which only increased my yearning to travel to Italy even more. A lot of the things we've been discussing in our History of Art & Architecture class have been appearing in the movies I've been watching lately (Angels & Demons included). But I think before getting too hyped up about going out of the P.I. for my break next year, I have to discover more of Manila. Recently attended a talk about Cultural Heritage before competing at the first European Union Choral Competition (we won 2nd runner up!) and the speaker mentioned that unlike other countries wherein everything beautiful is laid out for you to see, you have to exert some effort into looking for Manila's sites. So that is exactly what I intend to do next weekend with a couple of friends. 

I find it pretty creepy that all the things I've been getting/purchasing are white. Like the vint Doc Martens I received last week (my best Ebay find yet) which I've been using a lot, btw. 

A crazy idea popped in my mind the other day-- that is to chop all of my hair off. But some friends of mine commented that it would finally make me look like a total boy, considering that all the outfits I've been putting on recently have been androgynous (I haven't been posting them on LB and Chictopia).

What's wrong with all the whites and lookin like a boy?

Feeling quite lonely now that my family and cousins have fled out of town for a week, leaving me here to study for my midterms. But as usual, taking breaks here and there, taking comfort in my old flicks. At least there's still some architecture in it, right?



Jam said...

Hi ral! Nice room! I love it! Simple yet classy :)

and ohh btw nice voice too! I love the hatin' on the club version. ;)

yumi said...

doc martens! wheeee!

Raleene said...

jam: thanks! :D

yumi: ack I need them in black, so comfy! :)

yumi said...

have another pair. :P I love them during the rainy season. I get to stomp in puddles, while keeping my feet dry. Heehee.

Anonymous said...

i like this look you made:)a fusion of art deco and modern chic:)good luck on your home renovation project:)

Raleene said...

anon- thank you! :)