Monday, June 29, 2009

Time to be productive!

jacket- Spanish Moss Vintage; shoes, skirt and bag- Topshop; basic tank- Zara; ring- Mango

My 3-month break just started! :D

I absolutely HATE being idle, so I'm glad my week's lined up with pretty exciting things. I'm glad that I can finally say yes to these opportunities since there were a couple of things that I had to turn down before. I'm usually drowning myself in schoolwork or rehearsing for an upcoming concert for the school choir (we have a couple of those every term).

Hmm... Heard that a radio station played one of my covers with Riz? We didn't even know about it til some Youtuber left a comment on my sister's video. Damn.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday afternoon photo shoot

model: Daphne Galvan
lights: Edric Chen
locaton: HEIMA, Cubao X

Was rushing the whole night & day to finish my project (after not sleeping at all for 2 nights straight),
went home for lunch then to Cubao X for this shoot.
Had to take photos for another client as well (shoes). Fun, fun, fun!
Learned some tricks with the external flash.

Met up with a couple of friends at Rockwell & Greenbelt after this, only to find out that the tickets for Transformers 2
were sold out. My other friend even had to reserve hers 1 week ahead! Crazy.

Still have a couple of plates to repeat and pass tomorrow. Getting my course
cards, gonna hand them over the Student Grants Unit & Office of Culture and Arts then I'm FREE!

Still have loads to study up on [photography]. Plannin on taking some classes during my break.
I have soooo muchhh to learrnnnnnn.
Because anyone with a camera can be considered a photographer.
Anyone who's a whiz at Photoshop, too.
More techniques, lighting and the business side of photography-- I'm willing to learn!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

overlooking modernity

All images by Francesco Bittichesu, photos grabbed from Desire To Inspire

Fell in love with the settings + designs in these images.
Dreaming to have a home inspired by all this right now!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


photos: LeLove

Can't wait for my lazy Sunday!
Sniffles while doing a pile of homework/drafts/final exam plates + final project
= not easy.

Friday and Saturday are filled with schoolwork + work,
can't wait for my Sunday and then FREEDOM!
bag- Topshop, jacket- SMV, cross necklace- vtg

Replaced my bag the other day after somewhat panicking from seeing a huge rip on the strap.
I just had to save myself from public humiliation. I was sooo scared that it was going to completely snap
and cause everyone in the grocery store to see its contents.

I've been eyeing on that tasseled beauty from TS for quite some time now but never bought cos my sister kept saying
it would attract too much attention because of its size and annoying strips. Then I thought, those are the exact reasons
why I love it! I'm not really a bag person. I buy what I need (big bags are a must) cos I practically just throw in
everything in them. I mean, what's the use of having a small purse?

Found an old necklace to tie around it, and I'm planning on adding some studs near the handles soon.
Just a couple more plates and a project til I get my approved 3-month leave from school! I shall be productive,
I CANNOT just bum around since I'm going to be left with only 3 months for my next break, which is the last
I'll be getting til I graduate. EEEEP.

Oh, and I finally received those jackets from SpanishMossVintage yesterday! Found a 2nd notice in my mailbox,
panicked and claimed it right away. Luvin both jackets, but I seriously have to get that gold-studded piece of art altered.
The sleeves are too loose, as well as the waist but the fabric + length + studs are just divine. Can't wait to wear em.

I already miss my studdy buddy. Rest in peace.


Boxed Water

I wanna visit this park! Yes, those architectural beauties are all in one park!
Chocolate goodness without the calories! But that takes away the pleasure of actually chewing and tasting.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For our messed-up weather.


1 66
55 56
53 34
28 32

All images from COPULA.

I would like to restock my wardrobe with these, please.
PERFECT everyday pieces!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Le trafic de Manille

Whenever my mum comes she always complains about the traffic during rush hour.
I'm used to it. Perfect time to catch up on some Z's at the back of the van.


Saturday: Fiamma + Bureau

Went to Danica's birthday bash at Fiamma then headed to Bureau for the usual Saturday Night Live-
our weekend Hiphop fix! First time for some peeps and I'm glad they had fuuuuun.

Had nothing to wear, so I thought I would solve that problem by wearin a jacket (figured it wasn't too hot that night).
Oh, and I did my makeup in the car. Again... It was dark. I felt like a clown when I stepped out.

I was wrong about the leather jacket, it got too hot. Tied the back/loose ends of my tank top with a scrunchie.
How glamorous.

I don't know how I got into this picture. Slow Sync trippy-fies everything!

Sunday: Serendra, Greenbelt 3 & 5
It was an extremely hot day and the HaloHalo joints around Serendra were all full, so we drove to Greenbelt.

You HAVE TO go to DAMASO! (Greenbelt 5)
Best.halohalo.ever. This tops my list now (Sorry, Razon's!)
It has Yema in it!

It's called "MAMA'S FAVORITE"
Kahlua + Nonfat vanilla frozen yogurt + Chocolate + Amaretto Disaronno. We wanna recreate this at home!
Like dessert in a glass, with alcohol. It was massive, so we only got two drinks and passed it around.

Interesting weekend. Hmm.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Prom gowns!

Just a quick trip down memory lane!

We loved wearing colorful gowns. And traditionally, girls here have them made.
My gowns were always designed by Ray Kwan while Izabelli's designer was always Jun Escario.
Makeup was always by Jessie Glova.

Junior Prom: Masquerade

Senior Prom: Fantasy

And my sister's prom that I attended (LMAO)
Casino Royale

*Gown made by Myrna S. this time.

Damn, high school.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More wants

I REALLY want that puppy, though.
Eversince I cuddled one at Tiendesitas sometime November last year,
I've never forgotten its adorable eyes.

Full-grown Pit Bull Terriers aren't ideal for small apartments!

Friday, June 19, 2009


photos grabbed from Freshome

I'm not always for cutesy and ultra-feminine interiors but this one just makes my heart melt!
Hmm... thinking of the drag marks killer shoes would make on the floor scares me, though.
Whatevs, just look at the black and white wooden floors!
Totally crushing on a lot of minimalist Swedish designs.