Friday, June 5, 2009

And if you complain once more, you'll meet an army of me.

I went to the main campus a while ago to get my LOA (Leave of Absence) signed. 
Saddened by the fact that there was only one girl in wellingtons. How come people don't wear boots nowadays? 
Sure helps when crossing the slightly-flooded streets!

Now's the time to layer, layer, layer. Weather's perfect for dressing up! 

Hmm... I am sorta obliged to do more interior design-related posts. 
So many zines to scan.
Currently caught up with plates and projects for school, wish me luck! Finals next week! 


amberr said...

Love the layering<3 curious, how tall are you?
haha random question.

keep the posts comin! love the blog..


Raleene said...
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Raleene said...

Thanks! I'm only 5'6". Ohh how i wish I was taller. :))

nica said...


Anonymous said...

for 5'-6'' you look taller:)
those long legs works as an advantage:) and plus the attitude...=strong personality:)

-that's my own perception of you-

Kim said...

love it!

Raleene said...