Thursday, June 25, 2009

bag- Topshop, jacket- SMV, cross necklace- vtg

Replaced my bag the other day after somewhat panicking from seeing a huge rip on the strap.
I just had to save myself from public humiliation. I was sooo scared that it was going to completely snap
and cause everyone in the grocery store to see its contents.

I've been eyeing on that tasseled beauty from TS for quite some time now but never bought cos my sister kept saying
it would attract too much attention because of its size and annoying strips. Then I thought, those are the exact reasons
why I love it! I'm not really a bag person. I buy what I need (big bags are a must) cos I practically just throw in
everything in them. I mean, what's the use of having a small purse?

Found an old necklace to tie around it, and I'm planning on adding some studs near the handles soon.
Just a couple more plates and a project til I get my approved 3-month leave from school! I shall be productive,
I CANNOT just bum around since I'm going to be left with only 3 months for my next break, which is the last
I'll be getting til I graduate. EEEEP.

Oh, and I finally received those jackets from SpanishMossVintage yesterday! Found a 2nd notice in my mailbox,
panicked and claimed it right away. Luvin both jackets, but I seriously have to get that gold-studded piece of art altered.
The sleeves are too loose, as well as the waist but the fabric + length + studs are just divine. Can't wait to wear em.

I already miss my studdy buddy. Rest in peace.


Jen Cederstam said...

you're having a 3-month break next term, ral? :)

Raleene said...

yeap :) i just wanna travel and take a break.