Friday, June 5, 2009

Couchey state

I am guessing that the rest of Manillie has been feelin as bummy as I have over the past few days because of the non-stop raining and flooding. 

Sadly, classes are resuming on our end even after two swine flu cases in the nearby school where my sister goes to. Her sleeping pattern and body clock's twice as screwed as mine. 

Went to Taft this afternoon to fix my papers/transcripts and re-validate my I.D. and I was getting pretty paranoid because of the number of people wearing masks. The weather right now makes this city a great breeding ground for the flu. I can't get sick, I'm having finals and submitting tons of projects next week!  

A ton of my friends have been praying for classes to be canceled. It's pretty hard to get around because of the screwed-up drainage/sewage systems around here, even if they attempt to fix it every year and cause heavy traffic. 

Oh, you might wanna check out this site if you're just lazing around like most people. Pretty damn cool. 

Hopin to find something fun to do this weekend. Supposed to be having a shoot for a client but the weather's making it impossible to carry one out-- no dry location and good, natural light source. Bummer. 

Most of my friends are out of town again! Callin all my friends who are actually here in Manila, YOOHOOO! SMS ME! 


Anonymous said...

eh. dont worry bout the swine flu. apparently its not that bad... its worst here in australia, we already have over 700 cases :|

Raleene said...

woah 700... yeah i heard the only solution is to strengthen your immune system. which is what i've been trying to do since forever! lol. well we just all have to be careful and stress-free i guess. (which is hard...)