Monday, June 22, 2009


Saturday: Fiamma + Bureau

Went to Danica's birthday bash at Fiamma then headed to Bureau for the usual Saturday Night Live-
our weekend Hiphop fix! First time for some peeps and I'm glad they had fuuuuun.

Had nothing to wear, so I thought I would solve that problem by wearin a jacket (figured it wasn't too hot that night).
Oh, and I did my makeup in the car. Again... It was dark. I felt like a clown when I stepped out.

I was wrong about the leather jacket, it got too hot. Tied the back/loose ends of my tank top with a scrunchie.
How glamorous.

I don't know how I got into this picture. Slow Sync trippy-fies everything!

Sunday: Serendra, Greenbelt 3 & 5
It was an extremely hot day and the HaloHalo joints around Serendra were all full, so we drove to Greenbelt.

You HAVE TO go to DAMASO! (Greenbelt 5)
Best.halohalo.ever. This tops my list now (Sorry, Razon's!)
It has Yema in it!

It's called "MAMA'S FAVORITE"
Kahlua + Nonfat vanilla frozen yogurt + Chocolate + Amaretto Disaronno. We wanna recreate this at home!
Like dessert in a glass, with alcohol. It was massive, so we only got two drinks and passed it around.

Interesting weekend. Hmm.

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