Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hippity Hop

Checked out this new nightclub named LAX beside Hooters last night.
Heard they bought out the name from LA's LAX. Whoopeee. 
Stepped in even if someone warned us that it wasn't going to be a lotta fun.
Their best nights were supposed to be on Wednesdays.

Nice place, good drinks, bad location, bad crowd. 

Seriously-- I recognized a couple of people from school and only 2 of them were dancing (they were part of a crew).
It was nice to see some people partyin up before goin back to school after their week-long vaca
thanks to the pandemic. 


Headed up north and checked out the peeps at Manor.
Saw my choir mates there! Yay! 
Had to go home early though, sister needed the driver at 6am for class. 
No class for me, exemption from our grand finals is the best thing ever  :)

Now to finish that pile of plates/sketches....


vanessa said...

just stumbled across your blog and im already loving it!
still look like you had some fun =] what eyeliner do you use? it looks like it stays put! lol

Raleene said...

hey vanessa! i use MAC's Powerpoint Eyeliner in Buried Treasure :) but that night I placed some of the Shiseido eyebrow and eyeliner compact over it.