Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Linear goodness

Previous works from my very talented brother from another mother, Vito Selma:

"Here's a dining table, Plumeria, inspired by bare Plumeria trees i see on the way to work. Its made of metal and Tobacco Leaf."
"This is a cocktail table, Geo, which is inspired from math graphs. In different angles, the table looks different. It comes in a variety of wood and stain."
"Heres a conversational seating, Baud, which means "wave" in Filipino. It seats comfortably in 3 sides. This is my take on human relationships and human conversation. You can sit inwards or outwardly. This piece is made of Aruruf, a type of Rattan."
"Heres an indoor/outdoor chaise, Bijoux, perfectly formed after the contour of a womans body."

check him out:

Did these too. 

Hi, Vit! Hope you're still loving winter in Africa! Haha!


Anonymous said...

seen these in blueprint, i love his work of arts...consider him as a national artist already.brilliant works!

The Frocker said...

Oh, these are TOO cool! I would love to own one of these... if I had money... and a house to put it in :P

Seriously though, these are beautiful.

Jen Cederstam said...

oh i'm lovin' the first one. so nature-inspired :)

Karen said...

RALLLLLL i wanna dance in the PSID CAF:))