Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday afternoon photo shoot

model: Daphne Galvan
lights: Edric Chen
locaton: HEIMA, Cubao X

Was rushing the whole night & day to finish my project (after not sleeping at all for 2 nights straight),
went home for lunch then to Cubao X for this shoot.
Had to take photos for another client as well (shoes). Fun, fun, fun!
Learned some tricks with the external flash.

Met up with a couple of friends at Rockwell & Greenbelt after this, only to find out that the tickets for Transformers 2
were sold out. My other friend even had to reserve hers 1 week ahead! Crazy.

Still have a couple of plates to repeat and pass tomorrow. Getting my course
cards, gonna hand them over the Student Grants Unit & Office of Culture and Arts then I'm FREE!

Still have loads to study up on [photography]. Plannin on taking some classes during my break.
I have soooo muchhh to learrnnnnnn.
Because anyone with a camera can be considered a photographer.
Anyone who's a whiz at Photoshop, too.
More techniques, lighting and the business side of photography-- I'm willing to learn!


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos! How long have you been into photography? Daphne was my classmate once, she's so down-to-earth. I bet she's easy to work with.

Raleene said...

Thank you! I've been into it since 3rd year high school. Never took formal lessons, just a seminar.

Yeah easiest model to work with so far! :)

arielle said...

HOY! i was checking out your stunning photography work i thought u'd like to note i mentioned you on my tumblr

Raleene said...

thanks! i'll checkit out :)