Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today I get rid of the blues and switch hues.

Old photo. 

Love the print on that shirt but never had the chance to wear it out. 
Took that from the rack even if it wasn't my size, thought I could alter it in some way 
but turns out the halter just won't work out if I stitch it to improve the fit.
Oh well. Lesson learned. 

Done with my final exam on History. Anticipating the "grand finals". 
Mom: "Finals then grand finals? What's that, a pageant?" 

Will be bumming for a while now. Time to recharge. Tomorrow's supposed to be a 
national holiday but my planner is screaming out with "priorities" and "commitments". 
At least there's some fun ones in between. 

Posting a new video soon. Shot it a few hours after I arrived from school-- after
turning in my final project and taking my exams this morning. 
Expect my face to be efffffed. Close your eyes and just listen. LOL. 


amberr said...

Girl, you are gorgeous and stunning! I bet you turn heads hahah lol

Raleene said...

amberr- LOL thanks but I really don't think so! haha