Monday, June 15, 2009

You Suddenly Complete Me.

Riz and I doing a cover of HYSTERIC by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Dedicated to mumsy dearest.
Mum said she wanted us to post as many videos on YouTube before she left Manila this afternoon.
This one's for you, mother! 

Thank you sooooo much for EVERYTHING you've done for me, Riz and Dad over the summer.

For repainting my white walls
For buying me an awesome new couch, TONS of groceries, clothes, food (ugh), etc. 
For giving me my allowance & for not being as forgetful as father (hahahaha sorry, dad)
For taking a cab so I could have the car and driver for the day 
For taking care of my booboos (even though your band aids sucked)
For helping me out with my projects this term
For buying me drinks ("liquid confidence") before our gig last Friday! WOOH coolest.  
For getting us that new AC unit! No more hot-headed people on scorching afternoons! 
For thinking that Riz and I sing very well :)   (we have you to thank for our vocal capabilities) 
For devoting your entire summer vacation into renovating the 3 apartments in our compound
For practicing the ultimate definition of love: SELF-FORGETFULNESS

You inspire us to become better individuals. 
Even if you think we won't miss you (since we hate you sometimes for making us overeat and 
cos you always barge in our rooms with the high-pitched greetings), we already do. Forrealz! 
Have fun with Joeyboy! Don't forget to read my blog everyday so you won't have to call me again and 
again! You know I hate phones.



Anonymous said...

wow. your versions seem even better than the original ones! kudos to you.

Raleene said...

wow, how nice of you to say so! but the YYYs are still awesome. thanks, though! :)