Friday, July 31, 2009

Ice cream girl

ice cream dress- Topshop; shoes- PF

Last Wednesday, I spent an afternoon with my friend Maxine at Bonifacio High Street. Talked about loads of things and had coffee before going to a meeting that night with Riz (which ended at 11 PM!). It was fun!

Man, lotsa people were staring at us while I was taking her photos! Two trigger-happy girls giggling and running around the place... Plus this nosy security guard approached me and asked if it was a photo shoot for a publication and if I had a permit. HELLO- this must've been my 4th time taking portraits around this area. And I know for sure that you only need a permit once you use/plant a tripod. And hey, if it was for some publication, wouldn't we have some sort of entourage with us? Stylist, makeup artist, "reflector guy"? I wish we had those. LOL.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Thanks to all those who voted for me over at StyleBible!!! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Old photographs from my father's side of the family...

My great grandparents
Jose and Anatolia

Rafael and Carminia

My grandpa's sister was a pharmacist. This place had a pharmacy and a dental clinic!
My dad and uncle Victor

Dad and uncle being part of the first Philippine team for table tennis.

I love looking at old photographs!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Last Saturday, I did a photo shoot for Coexist, a line by Camille and Charlotte Co. Another photographer, Tricia, arrived before I did and took some outdoor shots. I did the "studio"-type shots when she left.

It was nice meeting new people at the shoot! I also loved their new dresses. The photographs I took were for their online catalogue, so they should be up soon. Check out their online shop! Their pieces are waaay cute. I don't usually shop on Multiply but now I'm thinking twice about neglecting the good online stores there.

Here are some photos from the shoot (will be posting the rest after I'm done with the PP, of course):

Gonna tweak the other photos a bit like that last photo. I've been editing since Sunday. Had to take my eyes off the computer for a bit so I attended the premiere screening of The Proposal a while ago. Damn, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are so hilarious and schmexy!

And oh, my votes on StyleBible went waaaay up, thanks so much to those of you who voted for me! Damn. This is just so craaaaazy! Seriously.

And and and-- i would like to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FRIENDS, JANET & JOCILLE! I miss you guys. :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Praline and Pizza

We still need a name.
We were just jammin last night and decided to take some photos.

It's become apparent that a lotta people find our way of communicating quite.... odd. You see, whenever we chitchat or discuss things, we sound like we're arguing. People often ask us during our short pauses if there's something wrong or they ask what we're fighting about. That's just the way we talk, really. And then there's our habit of breaking into song. Pretty funny how we get along-- even if we don't seem like we do. In malls we sound like two penniless musicians going around. Random songs, random beats, random musical arrangements and medleys.

If you like staying in a hushed room and you like peace and quiet, I suggest that you avoid hanging out with us. :)

Webcam whorin a couple of days ago:
Chh // "PANCH" // attituuude
Mophead // pokey // mind game
squirrel // kiddy // mad and sad
blowfish // bleh // you're heavy