Monday, July 13, 2009

Before goodbye

Italianni's, Bizu, Padre Damaso's
Greenbelt 3 & 5

Dined with good friends before leaving. My friends are SERIOUS eaters-- think 3 plates per meal. (OK fine, I'm exaggerating a bit,that may be applicable only to the guys. But you know what I mean...)

Had fun catching up with them. Can't wait to go back this weekend. Can't wait to party with them! Right now I'm someplace chill and nothing really happens during the weekdays. I'm finding myself spacing out more often here and my buddies have to poke me to snap me back to reality. Daydreamer much. I guess this is good for me. Recuperating from the flu and pretty shaky from all the meds. I'm always finding myself out of breath so I can't be too active. Sucks, but maybe it's time for me to finally R E L A X.


Anonymous said...

woah... those are huge chunks of pills! what are they all for?

hope u feel better.

Raleene said...

those are my friend's 'multivitamins'. :))

Anonymous said...

that's a huge emphasis for 'multi'-vitamins. haha!

leah_x said...

gorgeous blog <3

just wondering, are you part white? or is your friend izabelli part white aswell?

you's are so freakin gorgeous!

Raleene said...

leah_x: thank you! we're both pure Filipino :)

kristine said...