Saturday, July 11, 2009

Colour-filled Friday

Because the gloomy day called for a more cheery colour to replace my usual black lacquer.
My Little Art Place (222 Wilson Street, Greenhills, San Juan)

They served vegetarian dishes.
Riz was supposed to perform solo throughout the whole thing cos I was sick
Then she asked me to join her for the final song. I almost choked.
Php 600 each or 10,000 for the whole set. All photographs by Lomomanila members :)


Al said...

im anal as fuck about gallery not straight.

someone needs to fix that.

Great fotos btw.

Anonymous said...

you have such beautiful skin.
what do u do to have that? :)
do u have a skin routine weekly? daily?

and who does ur eyebrows?

you so pretty. :)


justine said...

very nice nails!
where'd u buy that gorgeous ring and shoes?

Kathy said...

seriously, how do you maintain those purffffect eyebrows!? =)

Raleene said...

al- you're just like one of my interior design professors. haha! thanks.

michelle- proactiv + lotsa water everyday! i don't let anyone else touch my face. i don't get facials.... yet. but i get the occassional breakouts. u just have to control em by cleaning ur skin twice a day :) i do my own brows. thank you!

justine- ring from mango, shoes from CMG :)

kathy- i trim them once in a while. and im addicted to grooming/plucking them. haha! but i dont wanna overdo it cos i like having thick brows :)

Anonymous said...

besides proactive, cud u suggest ur top 5 recommendable effective facial wash products? I knw ur good when it comes to this stuff. Thanks - michelle :)

Anonymous said...

i'm lovin the DISTRAUGHT canvas.

Raleene said...

1. Shiseido Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam
2. the Body Shop's tea tree oil system
3. Obagi
4. L'Oreal's Pure Zone system
5. ClearPores

But as with all beauty products, the effects will depend on how ur skin reacts with the ingredients. takes time to find the perfect product for you :) Good luck!

tey2luv said...

great paintings!...who painted those?...nice art room the percussion set!...<3

Raleene said...

tey2luv- different artists :)

Anonymous said...

hey ral, where do u think can i buy those Clear Pores at? :) how much do they cost, if u remember? :)

Raleene said...

I heard about it while i was in the states and i ordered online :)

Stopped using it when i got back in the Philippines cos we have ProActiv here. :) still cheaper in America though.