Thursday, July 23, 2009

Errand day // hoarding essentials

batwing denim jacket with saxophones- Spanish Moss Vintage; bag- Topshop; shorts- Volcom; tank top and shoes- Zara
"smokey eye" essentials.

Those brushes were a gift. Yay!

Today was an errand day: groceries plus restocked my makeup loot. Aside from the MAC goodies, I purchased this clear brow gel from Laura Mercier as well. I'm liking it so far. Usually I'd use my dried up mascaras for my brows but they're all black, so I just had to replace them.

I noticed that whenever I'm too lazy to pick out things to wear, I'd quickly just pile on some sort of denim cover-up over my top. Plus a while ago, I purchased this studded denim bag from Zara. I think I'm so late with the whole denim craze but whatever. Got it on sale, twas the last piece.

Tempted to spend my earnings from my last shoot. But I know I can't!

I need to find leggy models who fit into size 6 & 7 shoes! What a challenging task. Managed to find one but I still have to check on the day of the shoot... If the shoe fits... LOL.

Watchin a special screening of 'Year One' tomorrow at my uncle's office. So excited-- I just loooove Jack Black and Michael Cera! (But really, who doesn't?)

And this Saturday--will be shooting girls in dresses! Excited. Gotta prepare for that.

I'm surprised that people are actually voting for me. Friends, you must be really bored! HAHA! But yeah, this thing ends Tuesday next week. So...


elle said...

Gorgeous raleene! Just wondering, hope your not sick of answering questions lol but is the price of MAC over at the Phils the same as in the US??

Raleene said...

elle- of course i don't get sick of questions! lol. it's definitely cheaper in the US.

Cybele said...

Hey Ral:) I'm loving the jacket! Its so nice to see fashion-forward people from Philippines!

Raleene said...

hey yuki! thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

sooo gorge!

Anonymous said...

how tall are you?
i'm only 5'3! :(

Chloe said...

I never would have put gold, green and that faded dark blue (or grey) together. I love how they compliment each other! Awesome outfit :) Oh, && It takes lots of spunk to carry that one of a kind jacket!

Raleene said...

anon 8:47-- aww thank you :)

anon 12:19-- i'm 5'6"... 5'3" ain't so bad! I got friends who are more petite than you. :)

Chloe-- glad u think the whole color scheme worked, cos i seriously just threw on whatever I could that day! i don't really like fussing too much on colors :) i think that's why i was stuck with black for a long time. lol.

Cindy Van Dyck said...

Amazing outfit!

Anonymous said...

where do u grocery at? and where do u usually buy ur make-up stuffs? :)

Raleene said...

hmm i grocery shop at any Rustan's Fresh! And makeup, still from Rustan's makeup sections.