Thursday, July 2, 2009

For the fashion peeps over at CEBU!

You HAVE TO drop by the opening of Ciege Cagalawan's showroom tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

wow he's from cebu? good works!

Anonymous said...

HMM This looks interesting! will see... -Mich

Anonymous said...

could u tell me what's wrong with u?
i mean, u'r beautiful, u'r rich, u'r smart, u'r talented in singing and photography... u even modeled.

tell me, are u really that perfect? cud u tell me even just one error? haha.

Raleene said...

Anon1- yupp he's a Cebuano and studied fashion in Manila :)

Mich- go go! :)

Anon2- I am NOT perfect. I don't think anyone is. I am not rich, too. I just have parents who work hard to provide us with what we need. I have God to thank for my talents but I still need to hone them. Lots to prove in this lifetime, you just have to work with your flaws and bring out the best of what you have :)

Anonymous said...

wow. that answer could only be answered by someone perfect. haha.

i really do admire u. :)
someone beautiful and talented yet still nice and humble.

keep on doing ur thing... :)