Friday, July 31, 2009

Ice cream girl

ice cream dress- Topshop; shoes- PF

Last Wednesday, I spent an afternoon with my friend Maxine at Bonifacio High Street. Talked about loads of things and had coffee before going to a meeting that night with Riz (which ended at 11 PM!). It was fun!

Man, lotsa people were staring at us while I was taking her photos! Two trigger-happy girls giggling and running around the place... Plus this nosy security guard approached me and asked if it was a photo shoot for a publication and if I had a permit. HELLO- this must've been my 4th time taking portraits around this area. And I know for sure that you only need a permit once you use/plant a tripod. And hey, if it was for some publication, wouldn't we have some sort of entourage with us? Stylist, makeup artist, "reflector guy"? I wish we had those. LOL.


Megan Elizabeth said...

Lol! Very cute dress!

The security guard run in reminds me of what happened at a museum with me and my friend. They kept asking why we had messenger bags, what was in them, etc. I was like "I have a bust from the 1800's in mine!"

Ayden said...

Hahaha! Reflector guy indeed! If you're still near a university, you can find an MUA and an assistant [aka Reflector Guy]. Head to the Fine Arts department head or the School of Fashion department head and tell them you need an unpaid intern and you're willing to give them the chance to build their portfolio.

Works for me. =]

Good luck!

Ashley Dy said...

Pretty photos, Raleene! ^_^

Raleene said...

Meggy- oh gosh they can get soo annoying :))

Ayden- I wish we were near school! If we were, then we could've asked help from a lotta peeps! :)

Charlene- Thank you :)

chaosinpink said...

hey.. how did you make this blog's url show only your name and not with the address?


Raleene said...

Jess- I bought my own domain at google :) About 10 USD per year.