Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It takes more than regret to try and forget

"Restless Roamer" by Rizza Cabrera

My sister's done it again!

It's stupid, i know, to just stay for the show..
It takes more than regret to try and forget
The thoughts that we've heard, the sounds we've observed.
It takes more than just words to end this...


Anonymous said...

wow!your sister is a beautiful person.....every word was heart felt:)great things in life are for free....thanks for sharing:)
-God bless-

Raleene said...

Yup, she is! Do check out her YT Channel ( She has so many beautiful songs in there. Her lyricism is really improving and this is just one song from her book. God Bless! :)

Ayden said...

Your sister has a great voice!

Are we going to hear her on an album some day?


Raleene said...

maybe :) we're considering some offers :)