Thursday, July 2, 2009

music & art

me with my Nikon D80 + flash and Riz with grandpa's old Minolta Autocord.

camera used:

Mr. Kisses, the choclit instax mini :)


Janna said...

hey ral! ooh thanks, i added you to mine as well. :) u did? i saw one at forever21 yesterday but it didnt have pockets and it was blah. ill get one at topshop soon! yay cool! stalk me, i stalk you. :P

and cool pics! i love ur choclit camera. hehe

Raleene said...

yea retail therapy yesterday, i haven't shopped in ages! lol.

thank you! film's quite pricey, though. but it's fun to use polaroidsss so yeah :P