Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Old photographs from my father's side of the family...

My great grandparents
Jose and Anatolia

Rafael and Carminia

My grandpa's sister was a pharmacist. This place had a pharmacy and a dental clinic!
My dad and uncle Victor

Dad and uncle being part of the first Philippine team for table tennis.

I love looking at old photographs!


Anonymous said...

you guys have all those old photos.

maybe i should start collecting mine for my grandchildren and their grandchildren... hehe. i don't even have a photo of my grannie. i should start collecting. :)

btw, i don't mean to be pushy but pls update ur lookbook!!!! hahaha :)

tc! :)

Raleene said...

Yeah, collect old photos! :)

I know, I should really update it! Lotsa things going on right now, even if I'm on my break. Weird, I'm actually being productive! Lol. But yeah I shall :)