Saturday, July 18, 2009


Eyebrows: How To Create Bold Eyebrows

I've gotten TONS of questions and comments about my brows. I used to have straight, thin brows back in high school and I only got to practice altering my arch this year since I got jealous of people with thick brows. It's also a well-known fact that brows help to make eyes seem bigger, make cheeks look more defined and good arches frame the face well. But other than perfecting the way to powder-in or draw them on, i had to learn to groom them myself. Threading takes too much out of my wallet and my brows grow pretty fast, so what I'd usually do is tweeze and cut them just so it creates that clean base and it doesn't go crazy after I set them.

There are tons of vids around but I think this is the clearest one. That's basically the same technique I use when filling in my brows. I don't bother putting on foundation + white eye shadow, though. The Shiseido compact I use comes with an angled brush and sponged end which helps a lot in shaping and making it look softer. Other pencils work well as long as you use a brow brush or q-tip to soften it. Oh and of course, brown/black/clear mascara to hold it in place :)

Some browowowow pics:

OK old pics. LOL. Sometimes I like them thicker. How you groom your brows is very important as well! Tricky, but like everything else, it takes practice. I think it's best if you get them threaded by a professional first, then follow that arch when grooming them yourself. :) Gahh it's seriously unbelievable how your eyebrows can totally alter your look! IMO, thin eyebrows can make you look older and bitchier. So go go go, fill them in!!!

And oh, here are some pretty helpful brow kits.

Good luckkk!


Charmaine said...

OOOOOO finally a brow post :) THANK YOU :D

One more quest though. What salon would you recommend that's good with eyebrow threading? Cos i dont want my first to be a disaster. HAHHAA.

PS: Loveeeee your curly hair :)

Anonymous said...

Love the photos with the thick eye brows!!! But I was wondering, do you take the picture of yourself with your own camera, or is it a professional photographer who does the work???? They are SO amazing!

Check my blog:

Raleene said...

Charmaine- Heyy thanks! I used to go to BenchFix at Greenbelt 3 and Hairshaft at Podium. The girls there are pretty good. :)

Joy- I took those pics myself. When some other photographer takes my photos I usually state it under my post :)

Anonymous said...

i thot at first it was going to be U on the video.

thanks for postin this! :D

Anonymous said...

hey ral, could u recommend places where i could buy good furnitures? where did u buy that white sofa of yours? :D

recommend please. hehe.
have a nice day!

Raleene said...

anon 11:45- no prob! lol there are too many tutorial vids up on youtube and there are tons of great ones. don't wanna compete with them, they're experts! hehe :P

anon 11:51- i got the white one at home depot! my mum just found it. hmm there are tons of good, affordable ones at my home (SM), crossings, dimensione... to name a few. Doesn't take too much effort to find nice ones around Manila, actually.

And oh u have to check out Heima at Cubao X!
Cute, quirky furniture!

Plus there's a small IKEA showroom somewhere in Makati. :)

arielle said...

awesome blog<3 thanks for the tips! added to my sites favorites<3

leah said...

<3 ur brows are to die for!

Anyways i was on SpanishMossVintage blog and they have a piccie of you wearing their studded blazer =)

Raleene said...

arielle- aww thank you sweetsz :)

leah- omg thanks i just viewed their blog. awesome! yayyy :D

Anonymous said...

Raleene, I was just wondering if you use color contact lenses on the second last picture of you, it look so naturally on you, can I ask which label color contact lenses it is?? It it from Color Blend Freshlook?? Love them so much!

Raleene said...

Joy- yeah they're grey freshlook contact lenses :) thank you! I love freshlook. I have grey, violet and blue :) they're prescription contacts, though. i need them cos im blind. lol.

Anonymous said...

They look so pretty on you, hope I can get them here in Denmark - gotta note that down. I hope I can purchase the same color lenses as yours!!