Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We're both sick. *cough*sniff*

Riz and I doing a cover of Lady Gaga's
Oh gosh, how POP, I know. But I love Lady Gaga. Don't judge me!
And oh, don't mind the last bit where I'm posing-- Riz edited this! Pshhh I told her not to include it. =/

Damn, the lyrics just crack me up. Kept wanting to laugh in a lot of parts. LOL. Only a few peeps would understand. :))


Anonymous said...


I just hafto say, I really needed this song right now. Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Great job you guys! :)
btw, i also love lady gaga!
you goin to her concert on august?
the vip tickets are almost sold out.

amberr said...

You girls are soo talented and you's are gonna be so successful, all the best for the future!

lol raleene I thought you were gonna go LA or something haha ohwells cebu's still fun!

Raleene said...

BJ- hahaha thanks!!!

anon- i want to but im not sure about my sched cos im flying out aug or sept. riz is sure to go, though.

amberr- cebu for a bday but im still flying out of the country. haven't decided where in the states, though. my dad's letting me choose :)

David Jones Cua said...

I'm in love with your version! Can't for this weekend. See you soon love.

Mary said...

i like this rendition! except for the chorus, it didnt sound pop at all. :P and that filter also improved your recording a lot. :)

Anonymous said...

oh no. maybe u guys got the influenza...

hope u guys feel better :)

Raleene said...

david- thanks! yeah seeyou :)

mary- thanks :D

anon- haha we were both sick just two weeks ago! it's the stress + weather, i guess. lol. thanks!