Friday, August 28, 2009


clothes by Coexist
models: Mariana Bantug and Camille Co
MUA: Hazel Narciso-Mordeno

I did another photo shoot for Coexist. Y'all should catch their newest collection at the Rockwell Bazaar this weekend!

After the shoot, Riz and I headed to Eastwood to catch Rico Blanco's performance for MTV Sessions. There was a huuuuuge crowd which made it scorching hot. It ended around 10:30 PM.

The whole night we kept picking at his (pork and chicken) dish which was served swimming in oil. Eeeeew.
Look at the amount of oil he was able to scoop out!
Yes, I was meeting a deadline so I was editing the whole time Riz and Rico were discussing and rearranging the chords and verses of her new & old compositions. I think I was only able to contribute by helping Riz recall her old, old songs! Lol. She was given lots of homework, too. We need to come up with 16 decent, well-structured, COMPLETE songs.

Pretty fun! We ended at 1:30 AM. Went home after grabbing some Vitamin Water from 7/11, Riz with some energy drink. I didn't need that since the insomniac in me kept me up and running til 5:45 AM. I need a cure for this, seriously.


KC said...

Omigahh at the oil scooped out from the food.

Raleene said...

I know O_O but he said the food was still good! haha wth.

Dreamfinger said...

Love the photos, Raleene. Ang fffresh! ;p

Anonymous said...

love the dress!!!

Raleene said...

Thanks, Eizel! :)

Anonymous said...

How did Rico discover you guys?!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So you're finally doing an album or something? Good for both you and your sister! My cousin and I are huge fan of your youtube stuff. :)
Anyhoo, what dslr do you use? I'm torn between Nikon and Canon. Any suggestions?? It would be very much appreciated.:D Thanks gorgeous!

Raleene said...

Anon 11:10- my friend Eizel (Dreamfinger) forwarded him my YouTube page since he was lookin for new artists for Warner Music :)

Anon 11:46- Soon! :) And thanks!
Hmm it doesn't really matter. I chose Nikon cos a lot of people say that it's durable (it is, I've dropped mine a few times, oops.) plus you can't go wrong with Japanese brands. But I guess Canon is great as well. I use a Canon point-and-shoot and a lot of photographers out there use it. Up to you, really :) Choose which one most of your friends have so you can borrow lenses and stuff :D

Anonymous said...

i envy your life!
it's so adventurous!

care to give an advise to a nobody like me?? hahahhaa. i'm so emo!

but seriously, give me an advise! How do i get a life?

and btw, u and rico look good together. yihee. haha. :)

Raleene said...

Anon 1:06- oh my goodness, don't say that! haha! I think I'm only all over the place these past couple of weeks because I'm on my break! lol. I guess you just have to... LIVE! Like what Audrey Hepburn said in Paris When it Sizzles :)

Noooooo! Rico has a girlfrienddd and I have a boyfff. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Wooo rocker!

Anonymous said...

really? u have a boyfriend? haha. who who? *intrigued :)

Raleene said...

LOL not planning to talk about those things on my blog! hahaha

Anonymous said...

#1 all-natural cure for insomnia. marijuana.