Tuesday, August 11, 2009


· I am stocking up on white tees. Easy breeeeezy.

· Finally bought my own Nikkor 50mm (F1.80) lens....

· anddd I'm excited to use it for my trip to Cebu this week! Planning to shoot with a couple of my friends :)

· Can't wait for my NY trip this Sept.!

· ...But it totally sucks that I'm not gonna be around for my best friend's birthday :( Sorry!!!

· I'd like to take as much portraits during my stay in Cebu. Simple, clean portraits- nothing too conceptual/editorial. I sorta wanna make a [scrap]book!



Anonymous said...

ur so pretty.
u have nice lashes too.
what mascara are u using??

Raleene said...

Hey Tia! I use Diorshow mascara (still tops my list) or MaxFactor Masterpiece Max. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Very pretty... I'm also looking for the best white tee... where do you get yours? Btw, are you wearing contact lens? ; )

- Jes

amberr said...


What lip treatments do you use. Seriously, you're perfection. I honestly think you're prettier than Jessica Szhor, Vanessa Hudgens etc etc

Raleene said...

Jes: Thank you! Got mine from Topman. And yup I'm wearing graded purple contacts but they don't look too purple there.

Amber: I don't use anythin for my lips. And I only use lipgloss sometimes cos I think I look too much like a fish. haha! And oh no, those girls are too pretty. Seriously.

yj said...

Hey! Love your blog, your singing is awesome! Are you coming to NY to perform?

elle said...

omg NYC!! you lucky thing!

Take lotsa piccies!!

Mary said...

i love the simpleness in this. it's like a perfect just-wake-up-from-a-dreamy-sleep photo. :) and your lips are like angelina jolie's!

Raleene said...

yj: thank you! sadly, no. my sister's stayin here in manila cos of school :)

elle: of course ill take tons of photos!

Mary: thanks! but nah I wish I had her lips :P

Anonymous said...

you're humble:)i like that:)

this is picture perfect!
A hot lips in the morning:)

Good MorNinG:)

kryz said...

hoy gwapa!

uptodate said...

have fun on your trip :)
You always look soooo pretty

daphne♥ said...


Anonymous said...

hey raleene! what camera do u use??

Raleene said...

i use a Nikon D80 :)