Monday, August 24, 2009

do you know what your girl's been up to???

Hey, kids.

Lately I've been:
  • Thankful for having been blessed with friends who are game for anything.
  • Thankful that this long break's allowed me to be productive instead of just being a lazy bum. Yes, there were instances when I felt somewhat lethargic but even I get those when I'm actually in school.
  • Glad that I've found enjoyment in things without having to shed too much $$$.
  • Loving life. God is good.
  • Getting more clumsy each and every day. And for that, I have a number of scratches and bruises. Oh well. Thank God they're not deep wounds or anything! They constantly remind me of the fun, random mishaps I've encountered throughout the course of my trip :D
  • Very thankful that we were finally complete as a family over the weekend. :) Pitied my brother a couple of days back when he asked my mom why we never have those beach trips and quick family getaways anymore. Mum blames the messed up schedules my school and Riz's school comes up with.
  • Confused on which place I should call HOME. I seem to overuse the phrase, "I don't care, I don't live here!" everywhere I go. And that is NOT good. I do not intend to live an overly-carefree lifestyle. Please.
  • Even more motivated to create new designs for our family business/company. At the moment, Dad's allowed me to partake in a little project! Will be blogging about it once I finalize things. Wishing for it to go really well. AACK Ok I'll keep my mouth shut for now. :)
  • Chyeahhhh :)
Some photos from last Saturday:

I photographed my friend Olga. She needed to update her modeling portfolio. Will be posting the rest of the pics soon! It was the ultimate last-minute shoot. We were SMS-ing each other while I was out the night before! Didn't have a place to use as a studio and kept askin my friends late at night if they knew a place with white walls and dark floorings. How stupid of me-- forgetting about my own house!
I got invited to a car show at the CICC. Stayed by the P.A.C.E. (Performance And Classics Enthusiasts) booth with cocktails and overflowing Vodka + Wine. LOL. There were TONS of photographers and I wasn't tempted to join them at all. The weather wasn't cooperating with everyone but it was fun meeting new people and looking at the preeeettyyyy rides... And models. HA!
My friend Rose/Belle!
She introduced me to her good friend Kenneth Cobonpue- that Cebu-based designer who's known for the straw chair and for getting orders from the likes of Brad and Angelina! I think he's the soon-to-be dean of DLS-CSB's School of Design and Arts! Coolness!
David and Mico picked me up and we ended up watching Monsters in the Attic with my family just before heading to Crossroads. Had a couple of drinks at this posh new lounge/bar called MAYA. Their drinks were all gooooood and they officially have the best Margaritas on my book. They also had some good Mexican food!
And of course, we ended up at VUDU.
I couldn't wear earrings (felt naked! sheesh) since I got a booboo the night before and I have to let the wound heal so I won't end up having a stretched piercing on my left ear. Boo. And oh yeah, that's what I do when I'm completely sober-- shake my head and try to see if I can get myself to feel flighty even for just a sec. Gosh I have the worst backup plans.

Props to David for taking all my obligatory Vudu pics with Cebu friendsies!

My last Saturday in Cebu sure was fun!


Anonymous said...

nice abstract floral dress:)
the bruises are fine,wear it as a souvenir while it lasts:)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous, such an exciting life!
Are you wearing anything on your lips in that first pic?

amberr said...

hawwt dress! where'd u get it?

Raleene said...

anon 2:12: ahaha nice way to look at bruises :P

anon 3:17: nope, no lippy :)

amber: Topshop, as usual. :P