Sunday, August 16, 2009

Food is serious biznizzzz.

Sometimes I wish I was pesco-vegetarian (instead of being strictly vegetarian)

Mum prepared some snacks for our guests at home...
Cebu has the best mangoes. No lie.


At Alavar's...
They serve this special rice (plain rice topped with Alavar's sauce)

Crispy Pata!

The only thing I could eat at that place... Surprisingly it was good! (Not much vegetarian restos around here)

What I wore til late afternoon:
This is what I wore while doing a photoshoot with a couple of my friends as the models. Imagine 3 girls in skirts running around Cebu Business Park, under the heat of the sun, crossing wide roads, with a lot of cars passing by. We were all sweating like hell but thankfully we were still poised throughout the entire afternoon. Cold showers are life savers. Seriously.

Awww look at my brother!


daphne said...

wow! i didnt know youre a vegetarian! any tips on healthy eating? :) Ps i love your top and your house! its so bright

Anonymous said...

That looks delicious! Aww I miss Filipino food from the Philippines :(

Anonymous said...

I admire your resistance in eating those!

Anonymous said...

OMG, it looks SO delicios, I miss a lot of the filipino food, can´t wait to come there and taste some food.

I wish i could be a vegetarian too. Wish you could give some food away :)


Anonymous said...

Me thrreee!!! miss the foods in Phil!!! Ral, you also need to visit someday Sutukil, and I think it's in Mactan... Great foods!!! esp, if your also a seafood lover! it passes by the big foot.

and oh' I'm just wondering, how come your sked in your school is different, I mean, you made you school sked like here in states?! lol, since it's like your having your summer there in Phil june-aug. lol

Cybele said...

hmm <3 crispy pata and those mangoes! I have plans on studying in PH. give me school recommendations! muchos gracias

Raleene said...

Daph: Eat anything and everything in moderation! :) Thank you :)

Anon 4:08: Yeah I've heard of Sutukil. But I can't eat seafood :( Oh well. And oh about my school sched, I took a term off and my school runs on a quarterm system. My break's from July to August.

Cybele/Yuki: What course are u planning to take? If it's any art course, I'd say De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. For med courses, UP and UST. If you're planning on takin up law, go for Ateneo. Engineering, Sciences, business-related courses- De La Salle University!