Monday, August 17, 2009

Go baby, go go!

models: Rizbelle Ostrea and Vanetee Alvarez
my "assitant" for the day: David Cua (thank you!!!)
(shoes still by Precious Flow)

Taken around Cebu Business Park (Park Tower + Chinabank-- yes, that's where we were able to score the reflective windows for our backdrop.)

Man, running around in heels and short skirts in the sweltering heat is something common during my photo shoots. As much as I'd want to NOT let passersby get a glimpse of my undies, I just can't stand wearing jeans at this time of the year. Had to wear jeans last Sunday for the first time in two months, and it felt odd. And oh, this was the 3rd time I wore heels while taking pictures. HAHA! I'm getting used to it! Last Saturday they named me the most poised photographer and followed some of the freakin' poses I unintentionally did while photographing them! FUUNNNYYYY. :)

We kept crossing wide roads in heels and skirts but it was okay since the traffic around the area wasn't too heavy. Just had to wait for jeeps and cars to clear out since their reflections would always be in the frame/mirrors. Here's to low-budget photo shoots!


daphne said...

ral, pano mo napapop ung color? bakit ganun ung texture? hehe

Anonymous said...

wow nice photos and your friends are gorgeous. oh If you don't mind me asking. How much does Proactiv costs pala? :) Thanks dear!

Raleene said...

daphne: i set my cam to increase the saturation, and i used smart sharpen in photoshop :) And hmm I used the 50mm for this! So the subject is focused and the background is blurred out :D

Anon: Proactiv in Watson's is about Php 4000 for the 60-day kit :)

Anonymous said...

That floral dress looks divine on that girl!

Anonymous said...

Have you also tried Clinique Three Step?! I'm just wondering if you have heard it and maybe you have already tried it. I heard it, it is nice and better in Pro Active plus the size of the bottles are huge which is good for three-5 months. :)

Raleene said...

Anon 9:33: Nope, haven't tried that one yet. I extend my Proactiv kits to 3 months, too. Hmmm ill ask around. :) Don't wanna get zits again! I'm really acne-prone without proactiv.

ELC said...

Love the high-key effect! :)

Low budget FTW. I tried it the other night at GB with Daphne. I still have to get the roll of film developed. :D

Anonymous said...

OMG! That girl is sooo cute, I wish she was my girlfriend.