Saturday, August 1, 2009

Villa Clavel

Lalaine's mum loves chandeliers. It becomes apparent in the following pics.
Frozen Brazo. Just diviiiiine. It's a Brazo de Mercedes dessert (custard + egg white topping) on top of Dulce de Leche ice cream. Yum!

I can live in cutoff shorts and those heels forever. Seriously.

Had lunch with 3 of my freshman year blockmates yesterday. Drove all the way to the south but it was worth it, I love the south! Two girls were MIA, though. But it was fun nonetheless. Went to the town center right after and had some ice cream! Sebastian's and Fruits in Ice Cream. Then we saw Cold Rock and Dairy Queen, totally regretted getting ice cream from those other stores! Ugh. Ice cream everywhereee. :))

The weather sucks. Totally hot then comes the sudden downpour. Sweaty, then chilly. Can't figure out what to wear each day!


Anonymous said...

Love that beautiful home. I love to live there!! Raleene, can I ask what camera did you used to take those photos-they are so clear!!

Raleene said...

Used my Nikon D80 :)

Anonymous said... your curls..may i ask what salon do u usually go to? and if u dont mind me asking, how much did it cost u there to have yer hair permed? :)

Raleene said...

anon- i got my hair digi-permed at Luce Hair cafe in Cebu (while on vaca) for only P1,500 cos they were having this anniversary promo thing. I usually get my hair coloured at BenchFix or Hairshaft salon here in Manila :) A normal digital perm in manila would cost you around P8,000. So I was lucky I was in Cebu the same time the salon was having a promo. :)

Anonymous said...

tnx..haha i wanna go to cebu..

Kim C said...

Hi there.

Saw you on Chictopia, and in Youtube also, I think. :)

The colored chandeliers look so nice. You don't see much of those around anymore. Fits well with the furniture too.

Beautiful photos. :)

Raleene said...

Thanks, Kim! Yeah my sister calls me a webwhore for havin all those accounts :))

Anonymous said...

wow!there really are tons of chandeliers.
could they like donate one for me? haha! :)

anyways, make more music! u awesome!

give me one of ur talents please.
u have too much!

and update ur blog everyday.
it's one of my visited sites now.
u tc! :)

Raleene said...

Thank you! And yes, we're making more music real soon :)

Megan Elizabeth said...

Cold Rock? ...See, we have Cold Stone around here in these parts ;)

Glad you had fun! Catching up with old friends is always a blast!

Raleene said...

Yeah Cold Rock's concept is the same with Cold Stone :) i love having mine with cookie dough!

Anonymous said...

hey raleene :) could you recommend any interior design blogs? mine are limited to apartment therapy and centsational girl.

thanks in advance

Raleene said...


Anonymous said...

thankss :)