Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm a frustrated Origami artist.

Taken during our stopover at Narita, Japan.
Never had the patience for the art of paper folding. Shoutout to my sister Rizza who's always been obsessed with this and paper!
Pssst! Save trees! And stop bugging me to buy you more headphones from Urban Outfitters! Lol.

More pics comin. Weather's been crazy here. Haven't had the chance to bring along my DSLR since it's been raining like hell and the winds are so strong. Gosh. So many iPhone pics and videos though. Enjoying my stay but I keep remembering my friends!

Sorry for the late updates on my blog. I tweet more often now since I barely get the chance to upload photos and sort them out.



Mary said...

wow! thank you for sharing this! so awesome!

Ashley Dy said...

I love making origami! My Japanese friend taught me some techniques. :D

Anonymous said...

love the cranes and their colors! :D

Raleene said...

glad u liked em, guys! so cute right :)) and so hard to make! haha

yumi said...

i can only do one thing: paper cranes. :)) I have a collection of paper cranes.

Dee Jones said...


ELC said...

No way! Those are just insane. :O

Raleene said...

Yumi: I can't finish anything! hahahahaha

David: I want the face! haha i wanna create an exhibit full of origami faces. lol.

Edric: YESSS hella insane :))