Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We took a quick trip to Hagerstown, Maryland to see a couple of family friends. This is how I ended up looking like after the 6-hour road trip, that morning after 24 hours of craaaazy whatevers. I remember a baby shower, Central Park, the Apple Store, F.A.O Schwartz, another birthday party at the Bronx, driving to New Jersey, hitting up a club at NYC and then I woke up tucked in bed. I found pictures in my camera the next morning. OMG my friends and I were posing and everything but I can't remember a thing! LOL. One for the books.
We ate ate at Cracker Barrel.
Damn, authentic country cookin. I couldn't swallow anything on the menu so I ended up getting some hash browns. Everyone else had huge chicken portions, mashed potatoes, fries, etc. And oh, they had some good corn bread.
It's almost Halloween!
We also ate at Olive Garden.
The best Eggplant Parmigiana!
And stuffed mushrooms. mmmmm.
Great service (great hospitaliano), great interiors, and everything was tasty. :)
Then we stopped by Montgomery College (at Germantown) before heading to some consignment stores.
I met up with my friend Angelie whom I haven't seen in over 6 years! We were classmates during grade school and now we're taking the same course-- Interior Design.
I liked that glass gazebo thing. lol.

Today's my last day in New York. Tomorrow- hello, San Francisco!

I'm gonna miss this place soooo much
:( :( :(
But I really miss my friends back at home as well!


The Frocker said...

Ooh, you were in Maryland -- that's where I'm from. :) Glad you had a good time!

Raleene said...

Hey cool! Yeah 'twas my second time to visit :)

uptodatelikefashion said...

Your camera takes really nice pictures ...delicious...^^
your vest-jacket look amazing,-i love it

Do you have brown hair yet?:)

Anonymous said...

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Raleene said...

uptodatelikefashion- thank you! yeah my hair's a lighter shade of brown now. :)

anon- yea i stumbled upon that site once. :) quite pricey if i add up the shipping fees. but yeah i love their stuff! and thanks, glad u like my little blog site :)

Anonymous said...

in taking pictures, are you always use ur d80?! or a P&S camera?! isn't it heavy to carry the nikon all around?!

Raleene said...

I carry my D80, 2 lenses and a point and shoot when I know I'll be taking pictures. I've gotten used to it and that's the reason why I always carry a big bag with me. :)

On lazy days I don't bring my DSLR but that hardly happens cos I've gotten attached to my camera. Lol

Steph said...

hey =)
i have a d80 also and i was wondering if you used a separate flash or do you just use the built in? - i feel like the built in makes my pictures look weird sometimes

Raleene said...

Steph: I have an SB900 external flash but I only use it for photo shoots. I don't bring it around on normal days cos my lens + camera's so heavy already! lol. there are ways u can work with the built-in flash to make photos alright :)

Anonymous said...

so you are just using a simple bag in bringing your d80?! isn't it dangerous?! 'coz your bag might going to break or you accidentally drop your bag off on the couch like a normal one... plus, the things inside your bag, like kits, make up, etc. might scratch ur camera.?! how do you take good care of ur dslr while it is in ur bag?!

Raleene said...

Yeah I understand that it's dangerous, but I have different pouches in my bag to keep other pointy things from scratching it. Plus I've added a screen protector and lens filter to ensure that my d80 won't get scratched. I'm used to holding my bag in a way that I won't bump into things (and so it won't get snatched easily haha).

I only place it in my bag when my neck gets tired (the body + lens is just too heavy). And I figured that carrying the Nikon bag for it everywhere is just too much of a give-away for thiefs/snatchers in the Phils. lol.