Monday, September 28, 2009


Byebye New York :( When will I see you again?
The lovely Filipinos at the Donatello Hotel gave us a nice room with a patio. We got so giddy!
Holly and I walked around and shopped a bit. She even took me to one of their buildings (Academy of Art University). They have soooo many buildings around the city! Her course is quite interesting-- Interior Architecture. Why don't we have that here? They also have a course in Fashion Journalism for those who don't want to sketch but would rather write about the industry. Sooo cool.
The view across the awesome restaurant, Cheesecake Factory. Met up with Philip there but I still have to get the photos from Holly. So fun!!!
The food there was GREAT (big portions, yummy salads) and the cheesecakes were just HEAVENLY! I love that place. I think we ate there thrice. (lunch in NY, lunch and dinner in SF)
Rode the Bart.
Then the bus. (SF has cables all over for the buses)
The Filipino server at Dreyer's asked us if we could finish two big scoops. LOL
I'm surrounded by lefties. My sister and my two best friends!
We ate at this Italian restaurant and I found it odd that the other people around us still kept ordering American food (fries, burgers, etc.)
One of my favorite stores, Urban Outfitters.
Took pics from the basement only (home/lifestyle/mens section) since the other floors were in total chaos. Big sale going on.
Praying that my next destination's gonna be Europe. But I already miss NY!
Had a blast. :)
I liked how SF was somewhat like a middle-ground between NY and LA.


Anonymous said...

where's the boots shop? :)

Raleene said...

That's at DSW :)