Tuesday, September 15, 2009

shoot, stroll, Saigon.

Darie wanted a photo of his car... Pshhh.

my "crew" LOL

The weather got better just in time for me to do a photo shoot at Long Beach. Had to take photos for an upcoming exhibit and they gave me until the 16th to use the dress. It's sooo freakin' tiny. Thankfully Lexy was a size 0, but we still couldn't zip it up! Craazy... Now I have to send the dress back to Manila. The first 2 photos above aren't the final pics I'm gonna be submitting since I'm required to do something different (and dark). So yeah, those are just for Lexy's facebook profile photos. LOL.

From Long Beach, we drove to Manhattan and ate at one of our fave restos, Saigon. Walked around a bit and headed back to Centereach.

I have other pics from our previous road trips but I just wanted to share these first since I had sooo much fun shooting at the beach! Maybe I'll post my final photo manipulations when I'm done with them.

Excited for tomorrow!

Random iPhone/digicam pics from last week (iPhone photos edited using HDRforFree app)
Couldn't take decent photos outside cos of the weather.

Wanted to get these studded babies but chose the one with heels instead. Now I think I wanna go back for em. LOL.

Hyperventilated when I saw 3 floors of Topshop! Finally!



Anonymous said...

what's the photoshoot for? and did they send you to NY just for it? they paid for your trip? sorry for too much question. hehe

Raleene said...

The shoot's for an exhibit. Nope, they didn't pay for my trip! Lol I wish they did. Twas just timely that I was given the dress and asked to shoot during my stay in New York. :)

Anonymous said...

i know you're cebuana, but is there any chance kaitsindi ka ilonggo? (can you understand ilonggo?) hahaha :) i love reading your blog and the pictures are nice to :)

Raleene said...

tsina- Aww nope, can't understand Ilonggo. Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

your blog is so pretty

and so is your hair
how do you get it to be wavy at the end ?


Raleene said...

Jin- Thank you! I got my hair digi-permed.