Monday, October 5, 2009

2009 Visayan Island Invention Exhibit Festival

Dad's invention- Biodiesel brewer (turns used vegetable oil into biodiesel).
Saw my former Biology teacher. Back in 6th grade she helped me review for the Phil Science High School entrance examinations. I recall crying for days when my dad didn't allow me to study there after passing. What.A.Dweeb. But father knows best. LOL.

Shaping ideas into plastic.
You can choose the colors (alternating or not) and the texture (granite or faux wood finish). Will be tweaking this design a bit (backrest has to be tilted further) but so far it's quite comfortable for an outdoor/mall chair according to the viewers. Yay!

Was extremely surprised that Dad and I both made it to the nationals! That means we'll be competing again this November.

The awarding ceremony last Sunday was so hilarious. I was too early at first so I decided to get some sherbet with David. Came back and realised that the show was starting so I walked towards the middle and right before I had the chance to drop my bag and sit down, they called out my name! That happens to me a lot- arriving right on the dot. During my graduation, I was late for the assembly and made it right when it was my turn to enter and walk down to my seat. And during the La Salle entrance exam-- everyone was seated and I was about to have an asthma attack from rushing and going up 6 flights of stairs and I got my paper just when I went to my seat. I guess that's luck but I have to quit it and practice being early so I won't be so jittery all the time! :))

We were only 2 in the Industrial Design category so they scrapped out the standings. Great turnout during the exhibit, thanks to all my friends who stopped by! Happy dandy bee. :)

Quite nervous for the nationals (it's gonna be in Manila) but it's gonna be an awesome experience. Very excited to see the other inventions in the different categories. Sooo thankful that my dad helped me out with this! It would be pretty awesome to be called an inventor!


micoteneal ( said...

"Dad's invention- Biodiesel brewer (turns used vegetable oil into biodiesel)."

This is so Cool! This will help us a lot! Long Live Filipino inventors!

Kudos to your Dad ;)

Raleene said...

yeah they've been using that in our factory in Cebu for quite some time now. :) It was featured in the paper i think!

100% of the veg oil gets transformed, too. nothing wasted!

micoteneal ( said...

"100% of the veg oil gets transformed, too. nothing wasted!"

If that is practiced here in our country, as in all of our factories (ykno what I mean) Philippines will be a better place, just like Jap :)

Dane said...

I want that plastic bench, its awesome!

Anonymous said...

congratulation to you and your dad:)
It really runs in the bloodline:)
Now I know where do you put those vegetable oils....teheee:)
heart those modular chairs,and your dads bio-diesel brewer:)
Hope to incorporate your design in future projects when its already out on the market:)God bless!:)

Anonymous said...

funny how you called your father a dweeb:)but its true they really know whats best for us....sometimes:) And for all reasons look at where you are now,then realize if it was all for the best:)tc

Raleene said...

@micoteneal: I know, I hope people will start buying it from Inca :)

@Dane- thank you! Rasta colors yeah :)

@Anon 11:58- these are already out in the market. Sold them even before the contest :) One of the requirements for the contest was that the product has to be readily available for the market. :)

@Anon12:07- Nooo I was calling myself the dweeb! lol yeah I can't imagine myself in PhilSci anyways :P

micoteneal ( said...

@ Raleene: In due time :) Lets believe :)

@ Dane: That's what you call taste :)

ge said...

lol @ I recall crying for days when my dad didn't allow me to study there after passing. What.A.Dweeb.

hey congrats to you and your dad! :) nice invention ral, should be presko sa pwet. lol

Raleene said...

@Ge: HAHA thanks! And yeah, it is-- should be, it's an outdoor chair and it's friggin hot here. gosh. :))

Anonymous said...

hi! ur family owns inca plastics? i remember it as one of our suppliers when i worked in Shell (in Manila) as an accountant..i just cant quite recall what products we order from you...

god bless..u and ur dad are just amazing!!!

Raleene said...

Anon 8:27- Yup. Shell gets a lot of different stuff from INCA i think :)) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi ral.. where can i inquire about the biodiesel brewer? does your dad sell the machine?

Raleene said...

You can send your questions to U can also check it out at

We manufacture and sell the biodiesel brewer :)